About Lantern


Lantern Clinic was recently spotlighted in the Mississippi Business Journal. Click here to read the article.

What is Lantern Medical Clinic?

  • Lantern Medical Clinic is an after hours clinic that seeks to glorify Christ by providing medical care to qualified working, uninsured individuals and families.

Why is Lantern Medical needed?

  • Poorer health among uninsured means less productive workforce
  • Higher expenses of uninsured threatens financial structure and stability
  • Increased financial burden to hospitals and government
  • Uninsured are less likely to get screenings that reduce cost by cutting down on advanced disease processes

What is Mississippi's need?

  • 464,000(18.7%) uninsured in 2002
  • 14th highest uninsured rate in nation
  • Increasing 2000-2002 rose >3%
  • 2002 there were 22.2% of working Mississippians uninsured
  • 2002 10.9% of children uninsured
  • Majority of uninsured (78.4%) live in families where one person works